NASA is set to launch space's first ever art gallery


NASA has just announced that they're looking for volunteers for their next mission, but this time it's not for astronauts, it's for artists. The space agency is currently accepting art submissions in the form of photographs, graphics, sketches, songs, video and any other visual form of expression inspired by the spirit of exploration. This will be the first ever extra-terrestrial art gallery and one of the project scientists at NASA stated "The development of the spacecraft and instruments has been a hugely creative process, where ultimately the canvas is the machined metal and composites preparing for launch in September, it is fitting that this endeavor can inspire the public to express their creativity to be carried by OSRIS-REx into space."

Nasa is currently taking the invitation to social media, where users can post their art piece with the hashtag #WeTheExplorers, until March 20th.

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