5 things Piet is doing right

All Images: Piet73

Breaking down the gender barriers, Brazilian label, Piet, has created a new genre of menswear with their contemporary and urban outlook on contextual issues and applying that to everyday clothing. Established by 25 year old Pedro Andrade in 2012, he describes his brand as a 'young and sophisticated form of design, creating classic pieces, but always keeping a minimalist aesthetic through sober colours and clean cuts'. Portraying the balance of ordinary and extraordinary, here's 5 things Piet is doing right.

1. Carefully positioning their graphics with no cringe worthy slogans or fast food restaurant logos.

2. There is a sense of unity through the subtle messages in both the text and graphics.

3. They make sense, in a covert and cool way. Their current collection, 'Chaotical' brings reference to the balance between order and chaos and rescues elements that bring light to social and musical movements with contrasting pieces that represent the order and disorder.

4. They give youth a new outlook on life through their portrayal of contemporary life, where small variations in a particular point of a system can lead to unimaginable proportions events. This is seen through their disproportionate layout of visuals on their clothes.

5.They're looking at the freedom of youth through a different light and portraying that through their ideology of 'free of barriers judgement' that's being imposed by the fashion industry.

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