Here's James Franco's new music video

Multi talented actor, James Franco and his class mate dash band mate, Tim O'Keefe just released their new music video ' You Are Mine' from their debut album, Let me get what I want. Comprised of poems, that were based on song from The Smiths stating that the band were "They're the perfect mix of earnest emotion with an ironic subtext. Listening to their songs was a way to feel teenage angst without being cheesy." The two artists met in a toilet on a class break at school, the two got talking about music they liked, hobbies and some awkward small toilet talk which eventually led to a long term friendship and musical collaboration.

The three minute visuals to go with the poetic song was creating by high schoolers who directed adaptations of the poems. Franco stated "The students went to my old high school, which was where the characters in the poems went (they're loosely based on people I knew). Then we re-edited the short films they made into our own videos." The hypnotic video showcases the experimentation of the youth and plays homage to teen longing, where both artists said that it "moves beyond the 'art of sampling' into the act of appropriation."

Watch the full version of Franco and O'Keefe's vision here.

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