Everything you need to know about Attico

Image: Attico

Translating to 'penthouse', Attico is the creation of street style stars and Italian 'it' girls, Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. Debuting their first collection at Milan Fashion Week, the designers describe their new brand as 'nostalgic, eclectic and sexy'. Finding inspiration from 1940's silhouettes and 1920's chinoiserie, the brand that merges old school glamour with retro street style is based around both of their personal styles, Gilda explains to NSS magazine "I love working on fits and silhouettes, while Giorgia prefers curating the creative direction and represents the most feminine part. Working together has been very important because I would have exaggerated while Giorgia would have been too controlled. Our best friends who have already seen the collection can say exactly where's Gilda and where’s Giorgia, but for us it's really complicated now, since we really trust each other’s vision and it's the best of both worlds!"

Rebirthing the traditional kimono through a not so feminine silhouette and playing with different hues of velvet and silk, the initial idea of the collection was to bring robes to the street, which is exactly what Ambrosio and Tordini have done. Wanting to reinvent ornate embroiders from interior design and vintage furniture pieces, the brand pays close attention to it's artisanal detail with each piece being an embodiment for a different women from a different city with modern muses and nostalgic cigarette taste. Using Instagram as their visual mood board, Attico throws tradition on its head, making an antiquated concept contemporary, making chaste sultry, and seduction natural. Join them upstairs here.

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