Supreme London may get shut down

Image: Hypebeast

Whenever there's a drop, there's mayhem. The small road in Soho where street style brand, Supreme, is located, has been getting complaints from local residents who have been stating that the pandemonium of it all is causing too much inconvenience in their area. The trouble has led the Manager of the London based store, Dan Jagger, to reveal that Supreme is now in danger of being shut down by the local council, which was explained during a private Facebook group called Supreme Talk UK/EU. The store that opened in 2011 has grown immensely with the youth of today, from the latest drops and exclusive collaborations, but now the council will be getting involved and upping their security to monitor and manage the large crowds. But with it's continuous revenue and the store acting as a tourist attraction to millions each year, will the London council jeopardise the amount of income to the British economy thanks to the 21st century street style cult? Probably not.

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