Why Tilda Swinton is the muse of all muses

Epitomising all things androgynous, the British actress has become somewhat of an accidental style phenomenon. The 55 year old bare faced beauty is renowned for being a cultural chameleon when it comes to both acting and dressing. Being described as a 'fashion existentialist', Swinton is from a very rare group of women who do in fact represent everything a muse should be; influential, emotional and transformative. Being the creative stimulus for the likes of Saint Laurent, Celine, Haider Ackermann and Raf Simons, the short haired actress contributes to everything that fashion is today. Loyal to her minimalistic aesthetic the five-foot eleven actress has heavily contributed to the genderless movement in fashion today, since being one of the first to make suits a feminine thing, drape the finest silhouette to wear and having next to nothing makeup be beautiful, her cinematic look has made her the definition of fashion. Her verdict on dressing? “Maybe the interesting thing about clothes is that people live in them, and that there’s nothing else really to be said.”

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