How not to look basic: The Soop Soop Edit

The Toronto based clothing, print and lifestyle e-tailer has become the online place to be, thanks to their detailed eye for all things cool. Stocking everything from independent magazines such as Marfa Journal and NOON to youthful brands like Natto Franco, Soop Soop was founded by Christina and Jourdan four years ago. In the pursuit of promoting the alternative approach to dressing, reading and living, Soop Soop also have a physical store where they have described it as being a "retailer that focuses on vintage street wear, new contemporary brands and premium & obscure publications." Immersed by the world of un commercialisation and everything else not related to the Kardashian/Yeezy clan, Soop Soop heavily prides themselves on sourcing the best of the best of independent and under group labels, either they be vintage or straight up born in the 21st century. Filling the gap in the Canadian market for the sub cultures of today, Soop Soop provides the world with everything that no where else does; an online hub of both hyped and under hyped essentials for not looking or reading basic.

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