Inside Jemima Kirke's art studio

Images: Semaine

The bohemian beauty that is Jemima Kirke invited Semaine into her Brooklyn studio to showcase her complicated relationship with art. The creative space that consists of wooden tables, splattered paint and shelves full of Kirke's favorite books, has become a safe haven for the mother of two, who explains that her inspiration came from her mother "My mom always sort of had an agenda for all of the things she wanted her kids to do, so the second I showed an inclination towards art, that was my thing. I always had a little studio in the basement of all our houses. It was really nice actually."

Pierre Bonnard, David Bowie and Monet are some of the inspirations that spark Jemima's artistic hand to paint "I´ve been looking at a lot of Monet recently, because I've been trying to figure out how to paint flowers. And I think he painted the most beautiful flowers. I love Pierre Bonnard. You look at some of his subjects and he painted the most mundane things." The Girls actress who refuses to follow the norm, likes to approach her art as a form of spontaneity and self expression, hence her approaching randomers in stores and asking if she can paint them. A sense of romanticism and unpredictability is formed around the way the British actress dresses, her love of billowy clothes that stems from the bohemian era is what Kirke loves. Unlike many Hollywood actresses, Jemima doesn't actually care that much about fashion, "I appreciate fashion and I love to look at it, and I have opinions on what I like and don’t like. But I just don’t really care about it for me that much. I’m critical of it and I’m discerning, but with myself I don’t really care. I like comfort." Although being a woman it's only natural that you sometimes get the urge to splurge "The last designer thing I bought was a pajama jumpsuit from Fendi. When I go into a shop I spend like I’m Beyoncé and then I get a call from my management asking “what happened today?” And I’m like, I just bought this, sorry!"

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