Is Word Art making a comeback?

Image: Blogspot

The one thing the millennial generation got to experience was the Spice Girls, scrunchies and 'Word Art' and now the 21st century digital era is now experiencing the same, kind of. Fashion brands such as Thrasher and Vetements are making the tacky font cool again, with their logo's stamped across tee's and hoodies, thanks to the power of social media and street style photographers, everyone wants the 'Sons of Anarchy' inspired font down their sleeves or across their backs. Going through the archives when Raf Simons was at Jil Sander and minimalism was at it's peak, the fashion zeitgeist never expected the dramatic return of brash, loud and what is now Insta-friendly font's. Teaching us that the fashion cycle really does just go round and round, here's a pictorial guide on Word Art's comeback.

Image: W Magazine

Image: Eva Al Desnudo

Image: Highsnobiety

Image: Nabile Quenum

Image: Hypebeast

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