The world according to Raf Simons

Image: T Magazine

"My name is Raf Simons and I get sick of fashion all the time" this was the opening dialogue of The New York Times' conversation with Raf Simons. Inevitably the most influential designer of the 21st century, Simons spoke about his past, present and future, and how fashion has become too intense for his liking. Investigating his sudden, yet reasonable departure from Dior , the 48 year old Belgian designer spoke about what he would be doing instead of designing the most worn clothes of the century, his answer 'Being a farmer would be an option, but the idea of producing milk to make a business out of it, no way'. Describing himself as a creative animal, the shy designer goes on to talk about how art ultimately bought him to fashion " I think I would probably want to be an artist, but I would also have the ultimate fear for it also. I wouldn't be scared to be an artist, I would be scared to be an artist after having a 20 year career in fashion". Raf ends the interview with 'The only thing that matters now" and presents his hand made cut out heart piece of material. Watch and read the full interview here.

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