How not to look basic: The Glitterbox Edit

Spreading sparkle around the city, Dubai based sister duo, Nadine and Lara Elias have created the ultimate makeup business all courtesy of one ingredient; glitter. Birthed after a 'eureka' moment, the sisters describe their beginning "At a club last year - we ended up glittering some girls in a queue at the bar. They liked ours so much they wanted the same. We noticed Dubai had some great pop ups for hair and makeup at clubs and events. Doing it instantly makes our clients happy and we have a lot of laughs working together in the process."

Like a 21st century bohemian sparkle party, the sister act claim Instagram as one of their main influences that stimulates their creativity. Leaving everyone starry-eyed at the end of a night, the girls main focus is to "spread a bit of sparkle and put glitter on people". Taking references from different eras, from the Art Deco period to early raves in the 80's, Glitterbox states "With regards to looks and designers that we are influenced by; Ashish, Alison Goldfrapp, Miu Miu, and Alessandro Michele for Gucci." With the resurgence of sequins that fashion is seeing, the girls believe that "glitter simply compliments it".

Images: @glitterbox_uae

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