What Jacquemus taught us about the female form

All images: Dazed Digital

The saying 'the circle of life' has never been so well used until Jacquemus showcased his Fall 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week. Confessing backstage that his house is full of round shapes, from tables to mirrors and furniture, the French designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus reconstructed the female form through his distorted proportions and extra voluminous features. Experimental but not unsellable, this season Jacquemus focused on shapes, sizes and silhouettes with a collection that featured extremely oversized blazers with a focus on shoulder pads, geometric shirts where the fabric had no form of direction and a suede skirt that looked like an inflated hockey puck, reinforcing how much the circle has become so symbolic of the French house.

The designer spoke about the collection stating that “The idea was to imagine a lot of different clothes in a trunk, and then you have kids making a collage with them and having fun. Except this time there was so much more detail and definitely so much more research on everything. You have a couture sleeve, mixed with a 90s dress, and then mixed with the 60s basic shapes. It was this kind of ‘all together’ look. But still with poise.” The collection that showcased the freedom of women through it's extensive use of boundary less designs, didn't have one particular influence behind it. Jacquemus continues “I wanted to show that I have more than one influence. It was also like reconstruction to build from zero, because what I showed last season was so hard and personal. This time was I wanted to be more strong and to show way more.”

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