What Rick Owens taught us about hair

Either it be silky straight or one big frizz ball, literally a frizz ball, Rick Owens gave heads of hair no limitations for Fall 2016. The Paris based designer, also known as the Professor Snape of fashion, commented on his collection “I’ve been doing physical gestures in the last few shows,” he continued. “I’ve been doing exposed penises to talk about shame and masculinity, superstitions about the body, and I did women cradling women, an emotion we can all identify with, because we’ve all stumbled and somebody’s helped us, and it’s a beautiful emotion. So I was thinking, ‘How can I reduce a physical gesture to me?’ And instead of using other people’s bodies, how do I use myself to be more intimate? And so I plonked myself in my studio, and I draped every single piece myself. Every single piece has its signature, its handwriting. No one is going to write exactly like me, so even though it’s duplicated it’s very unique. In this day and age, that’s not easy, and so that’s something positive that I can offer. It’s maybe as far away from fast fashion as I can do.”

More about the hair and less about the clothes, Owens' sent a runway full of models who wore helmets of matted hair, that were a representation of evaporating mist, showing that there's a science to just about anything “They’re evaporating into something bigger than us, that’s part of us, part of our past and part of our future, and it’s reassuring that change is not a cut-off, it’s part of something that will evolve forever.”

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