What Zara's debut of a genderless collection means

Image: ZARA

The Spanish store responsible for making everyone look the same, Zara has just debuted an engendered clothing line. Falling under their 'TRF' line, the fast fashion retailer has finally got on the bandwagon for the genderless movement, by releasing a 16-piece minimalist collection that consists of jeans, tee,s sweatshirts and everything else to look basic. Following in the footsteps of Selfridges who launched 'Agender' and Target who announced it would be discontinuing gender-based signage, the brand that's been valued at $9.4 billion by Forbes magazine, has taken a huge step from a business perspective knowing their global reach is so mainstream, and the genderless movement has yet to be dominated by the mass. The collection is now available on the stores website.

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