5 people that contributed to hosting the best arm parties

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Before Leandra Medine declared herself as the inventor of the 'arm party', other individuals created decor that beautifully clogged up one's arms, wrists and fingers way before it became the digitalised visuals on our Insta-feeds. Here's a breakdown of five designers that have contributed to hosting the best arm parties of all time.

Loree Rodkin x Michele Lamy-

The LA based designer teamed up with creative individual, Michele Lamy in 2014 on a very decorative collection which was organically sourced from bones and crystals. Preferring the word adornment rather than jewellery, the collaboration was the merge of fashion forward, tribal and found objects which became the ultimate backbone of the HUNROD collection that Lamy so famously wears.

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Lillian Shalom-

Favorited by singer and style icon, Erykah Badu, LA based jewellery designer Lillian Shalom has created some of the most aesthetically pleasing medieval style armour for your fingers. Influenced by her Iranian background, the artist is premiering her new collection 'The Thief' at Paris Fashion Week. Lillian describes her brand "I've always wanted to portray something feminine, but with a masculine edge, I want to put out strong pieces that also have a beautiful edge.... One of my pieces I call Zaboon, which means 'tongue' in Farsi. It has a very sharp, spear edge, but it's set with a really beautiful, delicate pearl."

Image: Lillian Shalom

Taro Hanabusa-

Dentist turned jewellery designer, Japanese creative, Taro Hanabusa also known on Instagram as 'Fangophilia' creates silver holds for wrists, fingers, teeth and even noses. Seen frequently on the likes of Marilyn Manson, Hanabusa has created a new genre of guests when it comes to hosting an arm party.

Image: @fangophilia

A$AP Rocky-

Musical phenomenon turned fashion icon A$AP Rocky has created a new genre of sound and style. The Harlem artist who seems to drop either Rick Owens or Raf Simons and every other song, has become a fashion connoisseur for both underground labels and luxury especially when it comes to his arm candy. Usually dripping his fingers in Michele Lamy's HUNROD collection the rapper has become a 21st century visionaire.

Image: Tumblr

Elisa Goodkind-

Part of the mother-daughter duo of StylelikeU, Elisa Goodkind has become a revolutionary creative through her empowerment of women. A lover of loud jewellery, Goodkind explains "I cling and clang all night long with my jewellery. I like jewellery that blends into your skin, like a second skin."

Image: @stylelikeu

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