Thomas Tait goes conceptual for Fall Winter 2016

Images: VOGUE

Switching from his home turf of London, designer Thomas Tait fled the nest and showcased his Fall Winter 2016 collection during a low key presentation during Paris Fashion Week. Traditionally an artist that conforms to 21st century minimalism, Tait explored a more romantic and conceptual theme through 17th century techniques and hints of Japanese references, which were inspired by his recent trip there. “Not doing a show and doing a presentation gave me a certain sense of responsibility to make sure that the pieces are all exquisite and captivating in small ways, things you wouldn’t register on a catwalk or even online,” he continued “It’s sort of forcing people to get closer to the clothes to understand what’s going on.”

Beautifully crafted, the details of the collection was the main focus; raw hatch-mark stitching and technical sketches that were transported onto oriental pieces of silks, reinforced the designers level of attention to quality rather than quantity. Stating that he wanted the collection to look more individual rather than an actual whole collection, Tait explains “I did worry at the beginning that it would end up not looking like a collection, but being able to look at things much closer allowed me to connect the dots between all the pieces.” It was a rare connection, indeed. With a lack of embellishments, the pieces were more about the structure and merge of fabrics and it's play with the female silhouette. Obliging to the seasonal muted tones, it's flared trousers, latex boots and geometrically cut coats presented a beautiful rediscovery of experimentation.

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