How the Spice Girls shaped women #IndependentWomensDay

Image: Tumblr

In homage of International Womens Day, here's a digitalised guide on how the Spice Girls influenced women today and forever changed one's outlook on life, platform heels and chupa chups. As the queens of the 90's, they taught every tween growing up in a world where scrunchies were the it accessory and spaghetti tops were all the rage, that embodying one's individualism and standing up for girl power was cool.

They were diverse: Dominating the high streets of Britain with their out there styles, each member of the band had their own identity. Whether it was wearing union jacket dresses or adidas tracksuits, the Spice Girls were diverse in every possible way, either it be their look, their persona or their music. Unlike today were tokenism is so overt, they were a marketing juggernaut that till this day they created a strong movement for ALL women.

They created girl power: Ginger spice in particular, i.e Geri Halliwell liberated women all over through her outspoken ways. Back then, the singer loved the phrase 'GIRL POWER' and that alongside her sassy style was what she was notorious for. Now, she still believes it exists more than ever "‘It’s 100 per cent alive, it doesn’t have to be defined in terms of women of great achievement or status. Perhaps it could just be living an authentic life. If that’s being a housewife, looking after your kids, that’s good enough.’

They become a cultural movement: Being described as "monsters of 1990’s pop culture and the progenitors of the bubblegum pop craze that filled the late nineties and early 2000s" The British band that eventually were a brand, became an incredible hype both culturally and socially with their positive mediation of how women should be; themselves! The complete opposite of today's digitally driven era, where trying to find the best selfie lighting is a daily activity and commercialisation map out who's cool or not. Instead, 2016 offers the badly marketed Kardashians, unrealistic social media accounts and the decaying of original fashion. Perhaps a re-watch of Spice World and how they didn't take vanity as serouisly as everyone does now, will hopefully rebirth a sense of self acceptance.

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