Yayoi Kusama debuts new snail inspired installation

The woman behind the infamous infinity mirrored room and has a love affair for dots, Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama has debuted her first ever Hawaiian installation. Entitled 'Footprints of Life' the 15 piece art pieces which look like a trail of giant pokka dot blobs, are part of the Honolulu Biennial, which is a Spring event that starts tomorrow, showcases local and Indo-Pacific contemporary art.

The 89 year old artist spoke to The New York Times about her latest venture “Hawaii is the place I have been admiring at a distance, I have never visited, but I think it dynamically stimulates my dreams, and I am eager to absorb Hawaii’s beauty fully into my mind.” One of the artist’s recurring themes is the symbiotic relationship between mankind and the environment — but her work, she explains, is not necessarily a direct call to be kinder to nature, because humans’ actions are part of nature. “We can live with all impressions because nature blesses us."

Image: The New York Times

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