The Face Edit: Lourdes Leon

Image: Pinterest

Madonna's daughter, also a University of Michigan student, also a model, singer, published author, Lourdes Leon, depicts everything a 21st century beauty should be. After just being debuted as one of Stella McCartney's 'POP girls' for her new fragrance, the now lavender haired 19 year old promotes self acceptance and confidence, which she recently spoke to Vogue about “I go through this struggle myself, where women’s bodies have been made so public that everyone feels like they need to comment. I love when someone doesn’t pretend to be someone they are not.”

The experimental teen, who doesn't soak up the vanity striken world of social media and fashion, is renowned for her heart shaped face, bold brows and doll eyes, which she oozes from all her cultural roots, from her Cuban sensuality to her laid back American style. The mini Madonna mogul, who has become the muse for so many designers, represents the rare disconnection of youth today, especially when it comes to overly filtering and pore less selfies; which Leon does not partake in.

Images: Tumblr

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