This app will take you around the world and back in one click

For the curious urban traveller of today seeing the touristic spots have become a bore and getting into the nitty gritty, undiscovered sights of a place is always much more adventurous. That's why has become the site and on-the-go app for curated guides from both locals and online influencers that recommend the best places to eat, sleep, shop and everywhere else that's Insta worthy. The interactive site that's based out of Norway, reached $25 million in sales in 2010, making them one of the most successful Scandinavian booking sites, courtesy of founder Joachim Paasche and his outlook on digitalised travelling.

A contemporary insight into the who, where, when, why and how's of travelling, has provided the 21st century a rare opportunity of creating their own personalised travel guides for free and uploading them on their site as well as the entire city guides being available offline, meaning no panic attacks when you're in a no Wi-Fi zone. The downloadable guide features over 150 cities, either it be a hidden vintage store in London or a family run restaurant in the backstreets of Italy, lets you travel the world and back in one click. P.S- no real bugs were were harmed in the making of their travel app.

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