What Hurts' Wings video taught us about self identity

The synthpop duo, Hurts, created a hyper reality of their lives on the road with their video 'Wings' from their third album, Surrender. Directed by renowned music video director, Dawn Shadforth, who's notorious for working with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Goldfrapp and Bjork, created a visual documentation of Theo Hutchraft and Adam Anderson's breakdown of diaspora identity. A voyeuristic notion of social struggle, the 5 minute video is like watching a timeline of someone's identity crumble through the power of fame, fortune and ultimately failure. The video that see's Huthcraft conquer Billy Elliot moves, an interrogating journalist screaming "Are you going through an identity crisis? What happened to the band we love? Are you a poor band trying to be cool? or a cool band trying to be poor?", here's what the cinematic performance gave taught us about self identity.

Fame makes people put on a brave face, when that brave face is a covert cry for help.

Nothing is what it seems when the doors are shut.

Fame and fortune is the most pressured path to please people, except yourself.

After all the parties, the people and the pretentiousness, when the lights go out, it's just you and social standards become numb.

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