Glossier launches Phase 2

All images: Glossier

Since Emily Weiss, the founder of Glossier, Into The Gloss, also known to the MTV generation as 'the super intern' from The Hills, set out on her beauty venture, her New York based companies, specifically Glossier, has become the not-so-basic beauty brand to buy. Ensuring that you don't look like an overly frosted cupcake, Glossier has just released Phase 2 of their brand, after the global success of their debut collection. This time around Glossier released a box with three new products; a build able lip colour, a nourishing concealer and a thickening brow mascara called 'Brow Boy'.

The brand states that "Our formulas are designed to live with you, not on you, and enhance what you already have. They are meant to be touched, smooshed, traveled with, cherished, and shared until their packages are crinkly and dirty and can literally give no more.They represent fun and freedom, and are the result of years of recommendations from the coolest girls on the planet." The Paraben free products are guaranteed to keep your bare faced breathing and looking far from a pore less, frosted carb. P.S; no animals were harmed in the making of Glossier.

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