How Arvida Byström's digital art is helping self-celebration

Image: Arvida Byström

Stockholm-born, LA based artist, Arvida Byström has become a powerful mechanism in the 21st century movement of the stance of women. Using Instagram as her form of social expression, Byström displays herself in full confidence with her bare faced beauty and unapologetically sensuality. Becoming a powerful force of self celebration with the intention of not conforming to today's social standards and expectations, the photographer explains that “You can’t just make ‘feminist art’, because feminism is more like a spectrum of things; it changes and depends on its context" she continues about her struggle of growing up and how the internet became an online sanctuary for her imperfections “it was a little window out of a very closed room of teenage depression”

The multi talented Tumblr queen, who's online work consists mainly of candy colours and glitter promotes gender breaking boundaries that are pushed to the limit with her ideologies on beauty ideals. In a generation where anything is considered cool and self expression is at it's peek, society still struggles to understand self celebration of one's being, particularly for the youth. On her Tumblr page, the opening text reads 'pretty online' reinforcing people's filtered and forced lives online "Finding Tumblr was a big deal, and that was when I started developing my particular aesthetic. It’s great for finding subcultures, which is important for young people who have more time, and are more bored, and who have to stay at their parents’ place or at home.”

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