Why Costume National Founder's departing their label isn't that shocking

Following a 30 year run of creating Italian luxury, brothers Ennio and Carlo Capasa have announced they will be leaving their brand, Costume National. Speaking about their eponymous brand "With contrasting feelings, we end the incredible creative process of this unique maison, hoping that the future will bring it more and more successes. We will continue following our passion through new creative initiatives," states Chief Executive Officer, Carlo Capasa. Renowned for their androgynous aesthetic that rebirthed the stance of rock and roll in fashion, the company is now in full possession of Japanese holding group, Sequedge, whom have been shareholders since 2009.

As competitiveness is at it's peek, fashion has become a doggy dog world in terms of survival and success, as previously seen with Kris Van Assche departing his independent label due to sales dropping, now with Costume National, it's a reinforcement that a strong investor is key. According to a market source, the Italian brand which is currently stocked in Italy, Japan and Hong Kong have been battling increasing sales for a few years. “Even if the brand was well positioned in key markets, sales volumes were too small. What happens to Costume National makes even more clear how extremely difficult it is for a medium-sized company, especially if they are focused on wholesale like Costume, to remain independent and survive without a strong investor.”

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