Everything you need to know about Monthly Seoul

Based out of the South Korean fashion capital, Monthly Seoul is a design project group created and sustained by two young designers, YooMee Suh and Meejee Lee. Bending the barriers of creativity, the company emerges itself in redefining feminine fashion through it's juxtapositional combinations of 90's tee over shirts to tasselled ear candy. Both Suh and Lee explain that their aim of the company is to "share and develop our own unique aesthetic sense based upon friendship. We want to exhibit what we feel about beauty and to test the limits of expression by launching our design project"

Describing themselves as a season-less company, Monthly Seoul current theme is an edited selection of understated sports luxe pieces which is highlighted through their light weight dresses that enhance femininity without containing it. The theme continues with graphic tee's, geometric earrings and all round relaxed silhouettes. Yet to be released to the public, Monthly Seoul will be introduced as a capsule collection with it's main focus being on silky tones and textures, releasing on their website on March 20th 2016. In the meantime follow them here.

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