Saint Laurent are mailing fashion critics their customised chairs from PFW

Image: Fashion-North

As one of the most intimate presentations Saint Laurent has showcased yet, with no music, a confined space and chairs with metal plaque engraved with the names of each guest, the brand has just announced that it has shipped all of those custom made chairs to each individual. Taking to social media, New York Times critic, Vanessa Friedman said ' My nameplate, on my chair at @YSL. That is a show first for me #PFW' whilst Wall Street Journal fashion writer, Christine Binkley, who just received her chair in the mail, tweeted ' Imagine my surprise today when my @YSL seat arrived from Paris! Thanks Hedi, but ethics require me to return it." Yet to be announced whether or not this is a gesture for Hedi Slimane's departure or a PR push for social media engagement.

Image: Christine Binkley

Image: Vanessa Freidman

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