Is this Iranian musician the future of sound?

Image: Ninjatune

With a main vocal point on the digital vortex and it's heavy impact on human instincts, Iranian born, London based instrumental composer, Ash Koosha has paved the way of a new sound for the ears of the 21st century. A psychedelic soundscape with fragmented synths and technological references, Koosha describes the current state of music as "the new generation is experiencing a massive leap with technology. Eight year olds are coding. Most of my generation doesn’t even know what coding is!"

An exploration of sound, 30 year old Koosha, real name Ashkan Kooshanejad has said that 'we're entering a technological apocalypse. We are gonna be enhanced digitally, but whilst keeping our primal instincts as humans; how we progress, how we become one with technology. Also, what I wanna accomplish musically is to make electronic music that is alive." Bending the boundaries of virtual sound, the composer uses random and chaotic conversations between his computer and everyday noises such as screeching cars missing a red light, creating a new level of synesthesia and sonic sounds. Studying at Tehran Conservatory of Music, the artist interestingly produces notions of socialism through his non-conforming approach to modern electro music, describing creativity as being 'mysterious'. His 3-dimensional world of euphoric dystopia that's almost become a robotic test to ears, has made him a strong possibility of being the future of 21st century sound.

Image: Wonderland Magazine

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