Cereal Killer Cafe to open in Dubai

Image: Cereal Killer

The controversial cafe, Cereal Killer, has just been confirmed that it's branching out globally and opening up in Dubai. Owned by Belfast- born twins, 33 year old Alan and Gary Keery have been subject to social backlash with their overly priced cereal that resulted in angry protestors destroying their Brick lane cafe. Renowned for their East London hipster look, the siblings caused controversy with their US imported cereal products which they were selling in a 'poorer' residential areas in Brick Lane and Camden.

“We’ve had huge interest from across the Middle East about setting up branches out there,” Alan said. “We get a lot of people coming in from the Middle East. Someone from Dubai came into the cafe. They’re loving it because it’s like a dessert.” With no exact location yet to be confirmed, Dubai seems like the perfect hub with colourful food being the main subject to everyone's Instagrams.

Image: The Guardian

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