Why this 19 year old Norwegian singer is a whimsical wonder

Image: Tumblr

19 year old Norwegian singer, Aurora, has taken music to new heights with her whimsical take on synth pop. Her melancholy sound that takes a sensitive approach to song writing, composition and singing, the blonde bobbed teen has become an angelic voice to know and hear. Fellow singer, Katy Perry tweeted her Youtube video 'Runaway' calling her an angel, stating 'Finally. New music that makes my heart a flutter". The bare faced beauty, who's short hair that frequently fluctuates between platinum blonde and silver, describes her music as being heavily inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan and Bjork. Even her trance like moves on stage add to her quirky difference "My body is quite tiny, but a lot of the emotions I feel are pretty explosive," she says. "They have to come out."

Her haunting sound of twinkly ballads and delicate synth references has enabled a form of innocence to be adding to the tech loving market of today. "I feel like Alice in Wonderland. I'm Alice and I just fell, it's weird and wonderful at the same time' the angelic teen who's music has been featured in the annual Christmas advert for John Lewis, the most recent episode of Girls as well having over 22 million views on her Youtube channel, has become a whimsical wonder with her dark but dainty folk pop sound.

Image: Tumblr

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