Meet the Korean beauty hub that's 10 years ahead of everyone else

Sokoglam; the face friendly hub that will solve all things beauty either it be makeup, skincare or hair, this Korean based e-platform has become the most innovative forecasting community. Set up in 2012 by Californian native and esthetician, Charlotte Cho, SokoGlam's philosophy believes that the Korean skin care industry is a decade ahead of the Western market, therefore, Cho launched the virtual platform for the forward thinking beauty fantastics of the 21st century. Based in New York, SokoGlam is also run by Charlotte's husband, David Cho, who brings the best discoveries of Korean cosmetic care, beauty trends and the most Insta worthy skin care routines.

Famed for their '10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine' i.e the proper way to stack your skin care, the routine consists of; cleansing, exfoliating, toning, using a sheet mask and more which can be found here. The interactive site could potentially be the Korean version of Glossier, the youthful beauty hub gives a step by step guide to rethinking beauty at a more natural level, where pores are still visible and looking like a fully frosted cake is out of the equation. Celebrate your face with Sokoglam here.

Image: SokoGlam

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