Why 'Vetememes' is not good for fashion

All Images: WGSN

Every other oversized rain coat seems to have the white block letters entitled 'VETEMENTS' on the back. But now, a 22 year old fashion enthusiast named Davil Tran from Brooklyn has caused an internet outbreak with his parody brand 'Vetememes'. Founded two weeks ago, the customer service representative who works for pre-used e-commerce platform Grailed, has designed a $59 version of the overly worn Vetements coat that goes for up to $500 on some sites such as Ebay.

Although Tran's is said to be 'reflecting the blurring lines between gendered fashion, Internet hype culture, and upscale streetwear fiends.' the fact that he's using an 'original' idea from a designer and 'memeing' it is exactly what's wrong with fashion today. The decaying of original fashion and the 'street style' hype is at it's peak due to social media expectations and image idealism, hence the fast fashion cycle. Ironically, Vetements is doing the exact same thing with it's infamous DHL shirts and Champion sportswear i.e fake merchandise with higher price points, forming a liquidised version of creativity that is currently eating up the fashion market. So why did the youthful designer create Vetememes? "You can’t look at any street style right now without seeing it. It’s pretty rare that a designer brand resells for [higher than the retail price] and Vetements is doing that right now" he says to WGSN.

When the digital trend forecaster asked if the 'designer' was trolling with Vetements, he said I think it’s just funny. When I thought of it, I knew it would work based on how hot Vetements is right now. I knew I could do it, so I did. I was kind of mad when I first got press about it because I didn’t have the samples I ordered yet. But when I saw Vogue post about it, it was awesome." Epitomising all things now, French brand, Vetements could potentially become the next Moschino, an overly seen parody brand that's a repetitive process of everything that is wrong with 21st century fashion.

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