Your gif guide to Season 5 Girls

After 6 aired episodes of Girls, the HBO series has so far taken 21st century viewers to Japan and back with it's four favorite girls, pun fully intended; Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna and the ever so meh Marnie, whom we have rarely seen this season which the Man Repeller describes as having 'limited exposure to Marine this season.. we should thank our lucky stars…We’ve expressed our gratitude. We’ve blessed up." From cat cafes to awkward weddings and Jessa's much envied bohemian beauty, here's a gif guide to get you through this seasons GIRLS.

- Japan really is like living in Katy Perry's dreams.

- Marnie's wedding dress was everything and more.

- Adam and Jessa are probably the most understated bohemian couple HBO has ever created #RelationshipGoals

- Even on your wedding day, less makeup is always more.

- Everyone should quit their 9-5 job and work in a cat cafe.

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