The Rolling Stones are going to be exhibiting themselves

Images: Tumblr

The Rolling Stones made everything before it was anything, from Saint Laurent's glitter blazers to Harry Styles' headbands, the four piece British band got there first. Now in celebration of their lives, the Saatchi Gallery will be hosting a two floor exhibition with nine thematic galleries showcasing their fifty year history.Exploring a multi-media experience, the interactive exhibit will offer a comprehensive insight into the bands success, from never before changing rooms, rare instruments and personal diaries.

The 72 year old lead singer, Mick Jagger spoke about the exhibition ‘It’s fair to say I’m not very nostalgic. “But the thing about nostalgia is that it is trying to hark back to something that no longer exists, and I don’t really feel like that about this exhibition. I look at it as part of an ongoing story. We’re still out there, still on the road, still going. This is just the next thing.” The art gallery that will even have a 3D simulation of what it's like to be onstage with the Stones will be held at the Saatchi Gallery from April 5th 2016 until September 2016.

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