Tallulah Willis launches a clothing line

Everyone's favorite hair changing Willis has just announced she is creating her own fashion line of illustrated merchandise to showcase her non conforming attitude towards the way one should dress. Representing the 21st century youth movement through her very liberating social media channels, Tallulah Willis also known as 'Buuski' to her Instagram-fam, has released two sweatshirts as of yet, which both feature her own alien like illustrations, entitled 'Youth' and 'Sorry…I though you know'. The 22 year old spoke to W magazine about her latest venture “The first two crewnecks I’ve released observe the two styles I tend to oscillate between: a more realism-driven depiction of the human body and the gremlin-breed from my imagination.”

What started as random doodling, Willis has now turned her hobby into an illustrated business, saying that she wanted to make them available for a mass market. Taking reference from the likes of Shel Silverstein and Egon Schiele, Tallulah talks about her inspiration behind her first drops "Youth’ came from a bout of exploring my interpretation of anatomical parts, as well as my fascination and tendency to romanticize adolescence. ‘Sorry…thought you knew’ was birthed during a challenging infatuation I had with a friend/person who was not single, although sometimes acted as such. I was reduced to a puddle by the indifference casted in my direction and was frantically trying to draw anything that could be a vessel to hold some of the sad." Follow the now copper head designer here.

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