10 things you probably didn't know about Martin Parr

All images: Martin Parr

British photojournalist, Martin Parr has documented some of the most intimate and voyeuristic images to date. Describing his unique perspective of photography as " a creation of fiction out of reality. I try and do this by taking society's natural prejudice and giving this a twist." Parr explores human characteristics in order to help the future generation understand the current cultural peculiarities. From overly sprinkled donuts to heavily saturated faces, here's 10 things you should probably know about one of the most culturally relevant photojournalists.

1. He wishes it was 1950 " “People like to assume I’m cynical and sneering. In fact, I’m an absolute softy. Many things I criticise in modern life because I’d almost prefer to have everything as it was in 1950. I shouldn’t be telling you that because I’m giving the game away.“

2. He hates staged set ups "a supermarket or an Argos, or a shopping mall, they are quite extraordinary places.“

3. He was a Professor of Photography at The University of Wales Newport for eight years.

4. He's won many awards, including the Baume et Mercier award for his professional career and contributions to contemporary photography.

5. Postcards are the reason he started his photographical journey in life.

6. He believes the little things in life matter and looks at everything from a different perspective "At a fête, you see a cake somebody’s spent an hour making, the ingredients probably cost 50p, and it’s being sold for a pound for charity. That home-made cake, slightly skew-whiff, made with love, is very moving.But a similar cake in a commercial baker’s with its kitsch colours is the embodiment of the consumer society at its worst. So a cake can embody everything that’s good or bad about the world.“

7. The first two volumes of his books 'The Photobook: A history' took eight years to make.

8. He's an avid collector of Johm Hinde's garish postcards.

9.He's currently working on films that will be released every year.

10. He's 63 and can take a better picture then any other 21st century, digitally driven, Instagram 'influencer'.

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