What Gucci merging it's fashion shows mean

Following in the footsteps of Vetements, Burberry and Tom Ford, the floral house of Gucci has just announced that it will me merging it's menswear and womenswear shows into one. Starting in 2017, Gucci will be presenting it's unified show at it's new Milan based headquarters in Via Mecenate. Creative director and hairspiration, Alessandro Michele spoke about the change “It seems only natural to me to present my men’s and women’s collections together. It’s the way I see the world today. “It will not necessarily be an easy path and will certainly present some challenges, but I believe it will give me the chance to move towards a different kind of approach to my story telling.”

Causing a break in the linear fashion cycle, many fashion houses are now moving away from the norm with relevant reasoning. With contemporary issues such as the genderless movement it only seems fair to include it in fashion; an industry that's embraced and pushed the concept of the unisex motion, especially for a brand like Gucci who consolidates both femininity and masculinity in it's ethos. President and Chief Executive Officer of Gucci further explained the business side of the decision "“Moving to one show each season will significantly help to simplify many aspects of our business. “Maintaining two separate, disconnected calendars has been a result of tradition rather than practicality.”

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