How Talia Esther is rebirthing bare faced beauty

All images: @taliaesther

Telegraphing what can only be described as the 'model off duty' look, bare faced beauty Talia Esther speaks to TFH about her beauty ritual, the Korean market and her exotic ancestry. The 23 year-old, Brooklyn based model is a full time Merchandising and Production Assistant for a fashion boutique in the Upper West Side, proving that beauty and brains do go well together, Esther just received her Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management, from FIT.

As the current face of newly launched Korean brand, Monthly Seoul, Esther swears that the simpler the routine, the better the skin. "Every morning and night I wash my face with a bar of soap (the simpler I have found for my skin the better it looks) and then I like to use a good moisturizer. While I was staying in Korea I was on the lookout for a good moisturizer at an affordable cost. I found the Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer from Its Skin really traps in the moisture and keeps my skin from forming breakouts/ makes it baby soft." Keeping away from the 21st century outburst of contouring, overly injected lips and ultimately caking your face, Esther's exotic, pixie-like beauty is courtesy of her German and Egyptian grandparents. Talia owes her clear skin to "Korean sheet masks. I probably do one once a week or sometimes more. They just put all that moisture back into my skin that the moisturizers didn't trap and plus they're a great addition for end-of-the-night unwinding."

After working at Glossier, the model describes herself as a sucker for their 'Priming Moisturizer and Skin Tint. I usually use the primer after I moisturizer and then mix the skin tint with a Dr Jarts BB Cream for more coverage and SPF." Eyebrows being a key aspect of her mysteriously androgynous face, Talia continues her makeup routine with "some eyebrow gel because these brows can get out of control, I then apply a little winged cat eye with some black liquid liner, and mascara."

Being a freelance model, Esther shares her struggles with keeping up with her beauty routine "There are definitely times when I get home late from a bar or an event and I just want to pass out the second I enter my room. I almost always get myself to wash off my makeup and put my moisturizer on because I know I'll regret it in the morning. Also I struggle with remember to drink enough water throughout the day to keep my skin looking good and fresh. But I feel like most people have these struggles."

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