How not to look basic: The Annie Costello Brown Edit

Images: Annie Costello Brown

Handmade ear candy, jewellery and accessories designer, Annie Costello Brown has created the ultimate friends for your lobes. With an abstract approach to decorating ones ear, the LA based designer has conquered how to not look basic; the lobe edition. Divorcing herself from the norm, Brown states that “I don’t like crappy things. I don’t want to make something because I can. Anyone can make an earring and have millions of them cast, sold and marketed. That’s not interesting to me.”

The well crafted jeweller had also been tapped by fashion house, Saint Laurent and Tumblr retail store, Urban Outfitters, to design some collections. Handmade in her home studio in Los Angeles, the woman responsible for making peoples ears look like the greatest chandelier party of all time, is cleverly steering away from the fast fashion cycle through the discovery of honest craftsmanship and exploration “It’s about integrity, and refinement, the uncluttering of ideas, and coming to what I really want to see." Sculptural elements and a playful mixture of textures either it be leather, natural shell or bronze, Browns re-discovers the core of combining semi-precious materials that are “not über-feminine or necessarily sexy.” curating an artisan way of dressing up your ability to hear.

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