Raf Simons on the dying fashion culture

The current equation of fashion: Dropping sales + Instagram hype = a state of confusion. Now, one of the few relevant fashion designers, Raf Simons has commented on the somewhat dying industry, exclusively to The Telegraph. As shows are merging into one, designs are lacking originality and endorsing celebrities is at it's ultimate high, Belgian born artist, Simons, spoke about the current state of the industry “Everyone is paying attention to the wrong thing in my opinion. “There’s this huge debate about ‘Oh my God, should we sell the garments the day after the show or three days after the show or should we tweet it in this way or Instagram it in that way?’… You know, all that kind of rubbish. Will all that stuff still be relevant 30 years from now? I don’t think so.”

After leaving his extremely iconic helm at the house of Dior, the 48 year old designer, is now focusing solely on his own menswear label, Raf Simons. With a predominant focus on the rebellious youth subcultures, the brand has given a refreshing gateway to exploring conflicts between the past and the future. Continuing his interview with The Telegraph, Simons speaks about the impact of social media on todays understanding of fashion “These days it’s a different way of consuming [culture]. It’s now looking and then swiping to the next thing – looking, next; looking, next; looking, next; next, next, next, next – there’s less dialogue and engagement with it in general,” he continues “There weren’t that many things reaching us, so that when we picked up on something, we went in-depth. We would investigate, we’d follow, try to understand… whether we liked it or hated it we would still have a conversation about it.” Speaking even more sense, click here to read the full interview.

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