In conversation with Demna Gvasalia and Alessandro Michele


In the current panic of the fashion cycle, Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Demna Gvasalia of Vetements and Balenciaga presently stand as the two most influential designers of 2016. Italian Michele who is transforming the house of Gucci into the most romantic floral frenzy, and Georgia-born Gvasalia who has given the zeitgeist an outburst of 90's grunge speak to The New York Times about rule breaking and the way society thinks about fashion. Both designers have separated themselves from the expected norm of fashion weeks by announcing that they will be showcasing co-ed shows, meaning a merge of both their menswear and womenswear into one show.

43 year old Michele spoke about the direction of fashion "people look for that kind of individuality. They don’t want to look like a campaign picture. They choose….Because we’re so globalized and everything is so out there right away. I think there is this desire and need for being a bit different. That’s why the individuality matters much more." The 5000 word feature explores the notion of both designers and their take on 'rule breaking' and the pragmatism behind each of their collections as well as the forgotten realism of fashion and the authenticity of it rather than a fashion construct. To read the rest of the interview click here.

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