Why this Vetements shirt should not be $1000

Vetements' DHL shirt has become the uniform of choice, but now Georgian designer, Demna Gvasalia has taken his 'copy-paste design process' too far. Releasing an oversized t-shirt with a vintage Snoop Dogg image on the front, the street friendly brand has priced it at a ridiculous $924, when it's so evidently been replicated from the rappers 1993 'Beware of the Dogg' tour merchandise. Although the fabric may be more durable than the original shirt, the sad fact is that the 21st century urban era will jump at the chance to get their hands on anything Vetements due to the current fad phase that fashion is in right now.The apparent 'luxury' label is notorious for using other companies as well as pop culture references such as the infamous $330 DHL shirt and the $1700 Star Wars skirt all of which were released in small quantities in order to keep supply low and demand high, i.e a huge Instagram hype and a lot of screaming whenever a yellow and red DHL truck passes by. The oversized and overpriced tee is now available to pre order here.

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