Here's a sneak preview of Gia Coppola's latest venture

Like an indie remake of Thelma and Louise, director Gia Coppola and close friend dash musician dash video-maker Tracy Antonopoulos have given a sneak preview of their latest movie venture. Using low budget smartphones with everything being filmed the complete opposite of HD, Coppola, who's well known for her creative direction in James Franco's film adaptation of Palo Alto, said "we used camcorders like people used to use in the 1990s" hence the whimsical visuals which see both Gia and Tracy dollying around on their road trip to Florida, which they both described as having "no set schedule".

The short film which was exclusive for Semaine, was a "recreation of the best kind of teenage friendship.." hence the Thelma and Louise style relationship between the two. With scenes filmed in Disneyland, a motel and Antonopolous' parents house, Coppola reveals "I let Tracy come up with the plotline and do what was interesting to her. It was fun to bounce ideas off of each other, it was mostly her idea," the Alexa Chung hair-twin continues "We were inspired by Ghost World and Wes Anderson movies, and maybe Thelma and Louise too. I hope it turned out alright, we had so much fun." To watch the full preview click here.

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