Everything you need to know about Dulaab

Images: Dulaab

Dulaab; a new digitalised store that lets you pretend your nearly as cool as the Scandinavians. Having just opened it's virtual doors to the Middle East, Dulaab introduces itself as a 'premier online boutique for contemporary fashion with a Scandinavian aesthetic'. The Swedish founders, Anna Osund-Ireland and Helena Steinback, have paved way for a new genre of fashion within the region. Using their joint forces, the pair are targeting a nicher, more fashion forward market with it's endless list of dualistic brands. The current labels range from; Dagmar, Maria Black, Sloan Sable, Saks Potts and many more which can be found here.

With it's unspoken uniform of Scandinavian minimalism, the Dubai based e-tailer states that " We are set out to define what the modern day luxury customer was always on the lookout for. A customer that travels, always scouting unique yet wearable pieces, which instantly take you from day to night. The vision became clear, a need for an online boutique targeting this growing group of luxury customers with modern demands" To get your closet one step closer to it looking like Pernille Teisbaek or Lykke Li's click here.

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