Passarella goes to the arcade for Fall Winter 2016

Images: Passarella

Notorious for it's combination of music, fine art and arcade-like references, British brand Passarella Death Squad is back with it's Fall Winter 2016 collection. It's running theme of video-inspired surrealism stems from their use of Japanese fabrics and punk imagery. Founded in 2004, the the ready-to-wear label describes itself as a "producer of multi-disciplinary works united by a sense of contemporary noir." Using heavy inspirations from the futurism of arcades, the collection welcomes the colder season with printed hoodies, chunky jackets and it's signature graphic tee's - which are in actual fact taken from founder Danny Passarella's home in Whitley Bay. The Fall Winter 2016 collection will be released in selected retailers at a later date, for more information visit their digitalised store.

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