Chloë Sevigny's directional debut is about cats

Image: OysterMag

Model dash actress dash fashion designer, Chloë Sevigny is set to make her direction debut at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. Her bound to be indie film titled 'Kitty' follows the misleading life of a young girl who dreams to be a cat, until one day she wakes up and as become one. Talking about the surrealist film, 41 year old Sevigny shares I chose the story because it had an element of magical realism to it that is something that I always have enjoyed watching, as a viewer, in films,” she explained. “I wanted to do kind of a throwback to kind of those 80s films where they had an element of practical effects and makeup and stuff.” Kitty being the actress' first film is based around a short story by American author, Paul Bowles. Sevigny continues to open up about her continuation to direct “That’s the intention, to use it as a calling card to make features.”

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