Ignacia Zordan predicts the future of fashion

Images: Ignacia Zordan

Constructing atemporality, Parisian based designer Ignacia Zordan predicts the future with her Fall Winter 2016 collection. Restraining herself from social vocabulary and expectations, the latest collection from her eponymous label is a metallic mixture of shapes and silhouettes that captures an understated glamour. Exploring the conflict between masculine and feminine, Zordan merges the tailoring with softer wrapping layers and daring splits.

"It's definitely about freedom for me, freedom to research new shapes and new definitions of what it means to be a woman today." Describing the motive of her collection, the designer celebrates diffusion from normality with futuristic notions of her wearable brand. Constructing reality Zordan continues "We as designers and artists are here to explore and present new frameworks for understanding identity." Playing with proportions, the downplayed provocative collection welcomes the colder seasons with a vocal point on sheer fabrics,, mixed with heavier textures when it comes to outerwear. Generating an unparalleled style of futurism, over-the-knee dresses, bootleg trousers and metallic turtlenecks are some of the key highlights throughout the collection.

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