What Grimes teaches us about sustainability

Pink haired singer Grimes stars in Stella McCartneys eco-friendly 'POP' campaign for the designers latest fragrance. The Tumblrfied visuals shot by Glen Lunchford, is a 30 second insight into the evolving world of ethical fashion. 44 year old McCartney is renowned for her strong outlook on keeping her brand an eco-friendly one, by using recycled materials, refusing to use any form of animal skins or furs, as well as working very closely with different organisations to promote the use of sustainable materials in the fashion industry. As the latest face of Stella McCartneys POP fragrance, Grimes comments "Sustainability in fashion is something that I really care about; that's one of the reasons I like Stella so much. It’s not something that exists for the sake of aesthetics, but something that exists because someone cares about it.” Shining a light on a more positive side of fashion, the Canadian singer can be seen in the full campaign here.

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