Why Glossier launched their own merchandise

Here by popular demand, the not-so-basic skincare empire, Glossier has launched their own merchandise. The beauty brand that puts skin first and makeup second has released four products as part of their latest but very limited edition venture; a sweatshirt, a pouch, a logo pin and a headband. The 'It's a G Thing' collection is an ode to everyone who's kept moving with the Glossier movement. Their most demanded product? Probably their grey crew neck sweater with the brands name written in black bold text, which they described as 'Originally made to combat the Glossier office A/C but then everyone started asking for them, so we made more! Classic crewneck shape with a had-it-forever look and feel.'

Founded by Emily Weiss, the beauty fanatic describes her makeup companies mission to Forbes 'We set out to demystify beauty and create easy-to-use basics inspired by the content and conversations from the beauty blog I launched in 2010, Into The Gloss." Unfortunately not yet shipping to anywhere outside of the US and Puerto Rico, you can still support your local girl gang by clicking here.

Image: @karliekloss

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