Young Magic explores dynamism, change and reflection in 'Default Memory'

Image: I-D

Experimental soul group, Young Magic have just dropped their third single off of their forthcoming album 'Still Life'. The Brooklyn based band consisting of Indonesian-American Melati Malay and Sydney- born Isaac Emmanuel, explore the artistic notion of dynamism, change and reflection in their new video. With their cinematic approach to music, singer Malay describe their latest song as being a "dedication to the ones I love, both living and passed. It came about around the time I was visiting family in Indonesia... a reminder that memories are never still like a photograph, but constantly oscillating. I was hoping to capture the feeling of dynamic suspension... memories as active objects... orbiting, changing and reflecting each place I've ever walked through."

Gaining recognition for their eclectic sound and non conforming visuals, the 3 and a half minute music video follows orbiting shapes in different parts of the world, reflecting the bands travels. The animated video consists of personally taken 35mm photographs by Melati's recent travels through Mexico, France, Morocco, Netherlands and more. To question still life, watch the 'Default Memory' below.

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