This is what Roundel London's 'Party Squad' looks like

Ever wondered what the underground youth of London does past midnight? Now photographer, Hannah Hetherington has captured exactly that for London based brand Roundel and their 'Party Squad' editorial. With floral bedcovers as curtains, umbrellas and broken walls, the editorial explores the notion of chaotic glamor through a typical house party. Hoodies, coats, and basic tee's were key pieces throughout the latest collection.

Describing itself as "a collection truly encapsulates and celebrates the diverse mix of music, style and art that make London such a unique city within the global community. Embodying the inclusiveness and democratic nature of the tube, by embracing the motto "Thanks to the Underground, we are all Londoners now". These principles are at the core of the brand and each season product will carry the values and story of London to cities across the world." Shop the British brand here.

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